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  1. Where do you go to edit the html on a particular page?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You cannot edit templates or themes on any free hosted blogs at all, if that is what you mean. And a custom design upgrade does no allow this either.

    If you want to use the HTML editor to edit text you entered into either a post or page then see here.

  3. What exactly were you wanting to do?

    WordPress themes are written in PHP script and we cannot edit those files here at wordpress.COM. This is a multi-user platform which means we all share the same underlying theme and wordpress files. Any change by one person would change it for everyone using that theme.

    If you have CSS editing experience, you can get the Custom Design upgrade, which will allow you to stylize the themes here, but it does not allow you to change the functionality. CSS is also themes specific so you cannot use the CSS from one theme with another theme. Before buying the upgrade, you can go to appearance > Custom Design and wordpress has provided a preview function where you can try out changes before you buy the upgrade.

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