HTML and CSS beginner – How do I view my code after I have closed it?

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    Just started a basic beginner lesson with HTML Dog. Working thru it I have a notepad page open where I type my code and I have a browser open to display how the web page looks. I was instructed to save the notepad file as a .html file.

    When I come back the next day to do some more on it, I can open the webpage easily enough but how do I find or see the code for this so I can practice editing it. Am I suppose to save it as a .txt file as well, maybe? I restared the lesson by deleteing everything, hoping I’d see what I missed the first time around. Still none the wiser.

    The blog I need help with is


    If you don’t see the html when you re-open the file, you either didn’t save it as plain text to start with or you didn’t open it with an editor in plain text mode. Try checking around in the menus of the editor you are using to see if you can find a plain text option. Then open the .html file you made before directly from inside the editor using File -> Open. If it doesn’t work, try creating a file again and this time make sure to use a plain text editor and always re-open the file from inside the editor using File -> Open and not by double clicking it.



    I only saved it as a .html . I don’t recall any instruction to save is as a .txt file as well. I’ll start again and thanks for the tip about not double clicking.


    You should save it as a .html in plain text mode, not as .txt.

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