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    Sorry! Original post was by accident. I meant to *search* for “why doesn’t <font style=”background-color:Orange”> work in my posts” but posted instead… Anyway, after 10 or 15 minutes of searching & reading, I see that WP (at least the free hosted version) is deliberately stripping out that part of the FONT tag. Silently! I love people who decide to throw away my work: Tells me what they think my time is worth. Sounds like paid hosting wouldn’t help, and I don’t want to do without background color on my text. I admit, I am trying to use WP as a lightweight CMS.



    Try this:
    <div style="background color:orange; font-family:SansSerif;



    You have two alternatives.
    You can download a free wordpress theme to your own server or through webhosting from and change the background colours to your heart’s content.
    Alternatively you can pay the $15 per year fee and upgrade to css customization and affect the change yourself. Or even create your own from scratch using sandbox.
    Also the list of the only html tags that are used in blogs are listed in the FAQs blog here
    And the changes to fonts are listed here
    IMO it’s probably a good idea to read the FAQs so you won’t be making any more uninformed choices and wasting your time. ;)

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