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    I just want clarification on a topic. I currently have my R&B music blog The ChokLit Factory that is hosted by Netfirms but I guess it is still hosted by – not sure how that works.

    I was sent some information and media to my blog to promote an artist showcase. I was also given banners to put up on my site so my readers could click on them to learn more about the artist. They sent over 3 types of codes; one was flash iframe tags, one was basic html and one was bbcode, which I am not sure what that is.

    I tried to post the html code through a text box on my widgets tool and it automatically deleted a portion of the tag that would allow it to work. I assume I cannot post these types of ads on WordPress. What is my alternative? I’ve learned that I should use software. Do I download that software and then install it on my Netfirms domain? Just wanted some clarity before I embark on all of this. I do want more flexibility so that I can have Clients send me media I can post, so is moving off of my best bet?

    Thanks in advance for reading my long rant…

    The blog I need help with is



    Even if you’re using your own domain with your WordPress.COM blog, you’re still bound by the COM ToS, including the limitation on advertising.

    So, yes, if you need to run advertising on your blog, moving to a self-hosted blog is the way to go. and support for ORG is available here

    You can also export your content to a self hosted WordPress install


    Thanks Jennifer :)

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