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    I am opening a shop on CafePress and I would like to place a custom banner in my blog advertising the shop. I know I can place the image in a post and link it to the shop, but I would like to put it in the sidebar so it will always be visible. AFAIK, this could only be done w/ the text widget, using HTML.

    So how would I make a banner with my own image that would link to my shop?

    These are the type of banners i’m talking about, though I wouldn’t need animation:


    The blog I need help with is


    @dsr22, in general advertising is very limited here, so you need to run what you are going to be selling past support and let them make a determination as to whether it will be allowed or not. Generally if you are selling your own wares that you have made with your own hands (crafts, pottery, paintings, etc.) I suspect there won’t be a problem, but you need to ask. (see last sentence under affiliate marketing blogs)

    Putting an image linked to a shop though is exactly what you would need to do, and this FAQ explains how to do it: .

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