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HTML being altered

  1. I've been trying to add an HTML snippet supplied by a free contact form provider, but when I paste the snippet of code onto the page under the HTML editor it is not saved correctly. WordPress appears to be altering the code. Specifically, the submit button gets removed, along with some other stuff. I searched the form for similar experiences but my search terms aren't coming up with anything useful. Does anyone else know anything about this.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If wordpress is stripping out code, then you are probably using forbidden code. Read this to check what sorts of code we are not able to use here:

    If your snippet does not contain any of the forbidden code, then paste it between backticks here so we can take a look.

    backtick on the key next to 1 (`)

  3. Thanks for the link that explain everything

  4. You are welcome—at least you won't waste time trying to make it work.

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