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    Am still struggling (sorry!)

    Blogarama and blogtopsites have both given me html code so I can put their “buttons” on my blog. For example blogtopsites have given me:

    <img style=”border:none” src=”” alt=”Humor Blogs – Blog Top Sites” />

    It’s not an image so I can’t upload and use it like one, and I tried RSS but either am not doing it right or that’s not what I should be using.

    Apologies if this is a really obvious question, I’ve read all the FAQ’s you’ve posted (V helpful ta!) but am still not familiar with a lot of the language/ideas…



    This part IS an image:
    and the rest is a link to their site, but it’s not in the right format. I don’t recognize that code at all.

    The way the code SHOULD look, as far as I can figure, is like this, but you take out the spaces around each bracket:

    < a href=”YourBlogTopSitesPageURLgoesHere” title=”BlogTopSites Humor Blogs” >< img src=”YourImageURLgoesHere”/ >< /a >

    Hope that helps. You should also be able to just put them straight into your blogroll as well, with the buttons. Go to the Blogroll page on your Dashboard and you’ll see image options to associate with each link. That’s probably easier, actually.

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