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HTML code?

  1. If I want to put a link that will let a viewer listen to a song that is saved on my computer onto a blog entrie, what do I do? some elaborate html code?

  2. They can't listen to it on your computer, and you can't upload non-image files to, so you'd have to upload it to some other server and link to that.

  3. Leaving the files on your computer leaves yourself wide open for attack. It's also probably against the rules of your ISP as then you would be operating a server.

    Like Wank said, find a file service to use or bump up to the paid hosting.

    Good luck,

  4. Ok, can you recommend the best (and cheapest) host? I will still be using wp though right? will have i have to pay for wp if i go to different host?

  5. To be accurate, you can serve files from your computer if you set it up as a server. There are many issues surrounding this and it will not be supported on this forum.

    There are plenty of free file hosting services on the internet. Use Google to find one that suits your needs.

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