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    So I have searched the forums and haven’t found an acceptable answer.

    I am trying to embed a Google Doc spreadsheet into a post for my <> blog. I’ve done all I need to do on the Google Doc end — published it, selected “HTML to embed in a page” under the “Get a link to the published data” option, copied the embed code, and then pasted it into a post entry. Here’s the embed code for your ref:

    <iframe width=’500′ height=’300′ frameborder=’0′ src=’’></iframe>

    So as soon as I hit SAVE DRAFT, the code disappears. Gone. Poof. I see other people are having the same problem. I’ve read in some places that does not support iframes — is this true? And is that the simple answer to my question? If so, then:

    1. That seems stupid, especially since does
    2. Is there a workaround to this in

    Thanks for reading and your help!

    The blog I need help with is



    (1) Until you post the complete url for your blog starting with http:// we volunteers cannot begin to help you.
    (2) In case you would like to bookmark it this is the link to the wordpress.COM Support Documentation
    (3) I used the searchbox there and found this answer for you




    Sorry, but I figured the <> would have been enough. I guess not.



    Oops! Sorry. Because it wasn’t an actual permalink I missed that <>The entry I posted the link is the correct one



    These are the file types that we can uplaod into blogs




    Thank you for your help! It’s a shame we can’t use iframes, but ah well, such is life. I am assuming there’s no nice, easy workaround is there? I’ll keep working on alternatives in the meantime.



    I have been thinking about this. Here’s a long shot. Could you do a screen shot of the spreadsheet and save it as a PNG or GIF, or maybe make it into a PDF so visitors can open it in their browser or in Adobe Reader?


    Check out scribd. It will allow you to embed documents of some types in your wordpress.COM blog:


    The code disappears for security reasons. I would download the doc your desktop then upload it and attach it to a post.


    @dreamsburnred, Scribd supports all MS Office formats as well as all open source formats and allows you to display the files right in your blog.


    And it isn’t stripped out due to security reasons, it is stripped out because MS office products create junk code which can mess up blogs, and even in some cases mess up wordpress. WordPress now strips out all MS office code automatically.



    Due to security reasons allows only some HTML Tags to pass . Google Docs is using a embeding code that is containing the tag iframe. Iframe is not allowed by Here is a list of tags that accepts :

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