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    I am having problems for a long time with my HTML code not holding. Different bits of the code, and not always the same thing. Except I do have a problem a lot with my spacing, most especially between paragraphs. I check and make sure that all paragraphs are space properly and coded properly for each paragraph and it looks good when I get ready to save it but then afterwards when I check it most of the time it is all jumbled up together again and it takes 4, 5, 6 or more times of fixing it to get it to hold!

    I also have a problem with images…most if not all of my images have a black background, even though they are gif and transparent!

    Can anyone please help me with this problem?

    Thank You!

    Sage’s Unicorn!



    Are you using the Visual Editor or just the standard editor (found in Admin -> Users -> Profile)? What browser are you using? Are you copying and pasting from something or creating the code on the fly? Do you have some examples to put into this forum to see what you are trying to do (make sure you use the ‘backticks’ (key to left of the “1”) when placing code in the forums). Do you have an example of one of these photos?




    Hi Trent,

    Sorry to take so long in getting back to you, I was expecting an email that there was a response but never got one! I really appreciate you trying to help me!

    I am using the standard editor. I am using Firefox. 99% of the time I am using my own code, not copy and paste. here is a sample:

    em strong font color=#0000ffIt seems such a shame that these women are suffering having their hair cut & stolen, because hair is very important to Burmese women just as much today as it was ages ago!/font/strong/em`

    em strong font color=#0000ffWell, that’s it for me today! Hope you all had a great week-end, and will have a great week ahead of you!! Hope to see you tomorrow for some more…JaberWocky!! font/strong /em

    And a lot of times those 2 paragraphs or some similar when saved are jumbled together even though on the editor I have them separated as they are here.

    An example of one of my pictures is my unicorn avatar. It should be a transparent background but is black as you can see and all of my images do the same thing. In my files they appear to be transparent.

    Thank You Again!

    Sage’s Unicorn



    I always have the black background issue when I post GIFs. FWIW, I no longer post them and have switched to JPEGs exclusively.

    I’m no code expert, but that does look like bog standard code to me, as far as I can make out. All you need to do is hit backtick once then paste ALL of the code, then do another backtick. Try that and we can look at the whole thing.



    Sorry it took so long to get back! I keep thinking I will get an email notice that there is a comment!!!

    Thank you for the advice about using JPEG images, I will certainly try it! I am glad to know that I am not the only one!

    I must say that your solution for using the backtick is a LOT better than mine!!!!

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    I appreciate all of the time that everyone is taking to try and help me!

    Sage’s Unicorn!



    I’m afraid I can’t see anything wrong with the code, which means I can’t really help, sorry. Have you tried the Advanced Toolbar (in the Visual editor, you click the icon on the far right with all the buttons)? It has a brush icon whose function is to clean up the code. Try that just in case I’ve missed an unclosed tag or something like that.



    Hey Guys,

    I am having the same problem with my HTML code, not being saved. I have supplied two samples below. Can you give me some feedback. Thanks

    <a href="">Hey&nbsp;guys!&nbsp;Eat&nbsp;your&nbsp;favorite&nbsp;foods&nbsp;and&nbsp;lose&nbsp;weight&nbsp;for&nbsp;about&nbsp;$10&nbsp;a&nbsp;day&nbsp;with&nbsp;NutriSystem.</a><IMG border=0 width=1 height=1 src="" >
    <a href="">
    <img src="" width="120" height="60" alt="Brookstone Logo 120x60" border="0"/></a>


    It looks like you may be trying to post an advertisement. If that is the case then please read this



    Hey Timethief,

    Thanks for the headsup. I appreciate it.



    Hi Raincoaster,

    Thank you so much for trying to help me! I will definitely try out the Advanced Toolbar brush and see if that helps!

    I appreciate the information!



    Good luck. I haven’t used it but do let us know how it works!

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