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    Does anyone know what the html code to make your font bold, is? I thought that it was <bold> text </bold> but this does not seem to be working. If anyone has any answers please let me know. Also have you used this in the comment section, and does it work?

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    This is the preferred<strong> text </strong>
    and this for italics<em> text </em>




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    its <b> then you write something <b/>


    <strong> </strong> and <em> </em>are considered more acceptable and at some point, <i> and <b> will likely be depreciated, perhaps in the next revision to the standards although no one is saying for sure.



    TSP, what is the difference between strong/em and b/i? Is there a reason why the former is preferred (even though it’s more to type!)?



    Strong and em(phasize) denote logical structure (bound to no certain appearance in the first place) markup whereas b(old) and i(talics) denote certain visual qualities.

    The heads behind HTML want to segregate content and presentation as much as possible. The former is to be done solely with HTML the latter with CSS. This would keep the content accessible for machines and impaired readers and the Design easily changeable (that’s the theory, I embed styling in HTML when I’m too lazy to go to my Stylesheet)



    The i vs em and b vs strong debate is as heated as the adsense debate is here. i and b (supposedly) rely on the fact that there is an actual corresponding italic or bold font on the viewer’s computer for whatever font is in use. For example if Helvetica is the font in use, helvetica italic would have to be installed on the computer or specifying “i” would have no effect). Strong and em on the other hand do not rely on there being a corresponding bold or italic font on the computer.

    I was actually going to do a test HTML page and test all of this out, but lost interest. There is a possibility that modern browsers will compensate for this and it doesn’t really matter which one you use, but I’ve never found any indication that browsers will substitute em for i if there is not an italic font installed on the viewer’s computer.

    In the real world, does it make any difference? I don’t know for sure, but I do know that when using em and strong, there is less likelihood of running into problems.



    That’s very helpful, thank you both.

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