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HTML code implants on Ocean Mist

  1. Hi (anyone out there in here),

    Maybe this is a widget question. Maybe not.

    I'm trying to add a "widget" onto my sidebar and haven't any success. Here is the code for a particular widget from a really cool website on Solar activity... I thought all I had to do was drop the code into any line under any widget tool and baboom... well it hasn't worked..

    <img src="">

    What am I missing... do I embed the code elsewhere? If I implant the HTML code somewhere inside the page... how do I open the HTML view on the Ocean Mist theme.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We need you to post the whole code into a forum thread and there's a special way to do that.

    Will you please provide the code between backticks so we can examine it? The backtick ` not to be confused with the single quote mark ' is located to the left of the number 1 key in lower case under the tilde ~.

  3. Wow,

    Feel a bit in the dark... many apologies for my ignorance...

    Like this?

    <img src="">

    Much appreciated. And thanks for getting back to me.


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