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    Hi everyone. I’m new here, and so I posted this under Support initially, but I realize that was probably the wrong place to post it. So here’s my question:

    Suppose I want to have a post title that reads: How to Use Italics in a Post. And suppose I want the word “Italics” to actually be italicized. This isn’t an overall style issue where I want ALL posts italicized, so I see no need for a CSS upgrade. It’s just for one word in one post. Am I allowed to insert html code ( <i> etc) to create the italics for a word in a single post title. I noticed I actually CAN do this, but is it technically allowed by WordPress, because I don’t want to screw things up with the template at any point by inserting the html code into a post.

    (Also, if bolding and italicizing words is ok, what about inserting line breaks in long post titles?)

    Please let me know. Thanks!!!!

    The blog I need help with is


    Try it. If it works, then it works. To make sure not to screw up anything with the layout, always make sure you close tags that are supposed to have a close. For example, don’t leave that <i> tag hanging there without a </i> tag.


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    Yes, italics and bold (em and strong) tags work in titles on So does non-breaking space n b sp; (and such related tags), but most other styling won’t work in title formating.


    Thanks for the feedback! Must I have to use em and strong tags or are <i> and <b> also acceptable?


    B and I tags are sort of passe and some of the themes here don’t even have rules in the CSS for them, so typically they will do nothing. Use em and strong tags.

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