HTML Code Keeps Changing in Selecta

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    I wanted to have an alphabetical archive listing so I set up a page that I do a manual listing on. The default font for links in Selecta is a very light blue that is hard to read. Since a lot of my readers have vision problems, I put the strong code at the beginning and ending of the list so that it is easier to read. The code works, but if I open the page in the visual editor, it moves the /strong at the end up next to the beginning strong code. If I open the editor in the HTML editor, it doesn’t move it and it stays at the end. I can do a few things with HTML, but I mostly work with the visual editor because it is easier for me. Since it only moves in the visual editor and not the HTML editor, I thought it could be a bug with Selecta. You have to hit save in the visual editor to get it to move.

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    If it’s a bug, it’s a bug with the editor, not the theme. And anyway the right way to turn the list bold isn’t the b button. Switch the editor to HTML, delete the strong tags, and turn this:
    to this:
    <ul style="font-weight:bold;">



    Thanks Panaghiotisadam. I will change the code to what you gave me. Your blog has helped me with a bunch of things!

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