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HTML code problem

  1. In Norway, we have this site who counts the visits on your blog.
    To get it to count these hits, I have to put this HTML code into the source(?) code.
    I can´t find that code, and I havn´t done it that way on other blogs.
    But, when I try to but it into the textwidget, it looks weird. Just look at my blog
    Something is wrong with it. But I don´t know what.
    Some ideas?

    I have used this several times before, with other blogs (like blogspot), with no prolems like this..

    The blog I need help with is

  2. isacathrine
    Paste the code here so we can take a look. Paste it between backticks or WordPress will strip out parts of it.
    On a U.S. keyboard, the backtick is on the same key as the tilde ~ next to the "1" key.

  3. <***!-- START ratingskode -->
    <script type="text/javascript">
    str='<img src=";'+Ns.width+'x'+Ns.height+';'+Npx+';'+Nc+';';
    str=str+escape(Nd.referrer)+';'+Math.random()+'" width="88" height="31" border="0">';
    // -->
    <noscript><img src=";0x0;0;0;-;0" alt=" Rating" width="88" height="31" border="0"></noscript>
    <!-- END ratingskode --***>

  4. I'm afraid that won't work here as Javascript isn't allowed:

    Have a look at maybe?

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