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HTML codes

  1. What is a HTML code? I tried to put a widget or chat system on my blog and it said that i needed to put this code in my HTML code but i didnt know what that was.

  2. The only chatbox you can use at is meebo. You have a widget for it here -> Presentation -> Widgets

  3. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ok il try that

  5. The code is actually created from going to It's 3 step process to create your sidebar widget and setup an account with them. After the 3rd step, it has a box to copy the code you need to put into your sidebar widget.

    (1)Log into your WP admin -> Presentation -> Widgets. Drag the Meebo Widget from the bottom Available widgets box and drop it into your Sidebar box.
    (2) Once it is in the Sidebar box, in the top right hand corner of that widget is an edit button. That brings up the editor for that widget where you will need to copy the code that you got from Step 3 at
    (3)Then just close the widget and click "Save Changes".

  6. oh :0 :) ;) k ill try that now

  7. it worked thx timetheif

  8. I'm glad to hear it. :)

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