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    I am trying to add the following HTML code so a Badge will appear on my blog:
    <img src=”” width=”200px” height=”100px” style=”overflow:hidden;”>

    The ‘image’ widget is being used but it will not accept/display the badge with this code. This is basic HTML code so I cannot see any reason why it is not working. Any ideas please?

    The blog I need help with is


    Try inserting that code into a Text widget, rather than an Image widget.


    suggestion as to which widget pls?


    When you are adding widgets to your sidebar, one of the options is called “Text widget.” Despite the name, you can also insert HTML code into this widget.


    I just tried that,o cpy and pasting the HTML into the text widget but when I click ‘save’ the HTML address disappears and, of course, nothing appears on the blog either. I have just had the HTML confirmed by the supplier and if I paste it into my google bar it works ok. Any ideas?


    I was able to post that HTML in a text widget just fine. Try clearing your browser cache, and log out of and back into WordPress. Please also make sure that you are using a browser listed at


    It took some time but I downloaded an updated internet explorer (as I usually use google chrome), did it all over again but it still only displays an icon where the image should be. If I click the icon it will open the image in a new window but won’t display on the actual blog?


    btw, the broswer and cache were cleared beforehand


    Hmm. There are ampersands (&) in the address, which are being converted to & when you add the code to the text widget. (this happens when I try to do it with the same code on my site as well)

    I’ve flagged this so a staff member can verify the issue.


    thank you



    Try this instead:

    <img src="" width="200px" height="100px" style="overflow:hidden;"/>


    Gave that a good go as well. And it was a no go! Same thing, an icon appears where the image should be (and a right click will open the image in another window) but the image doesn’t display on the blog. Mad curiosity has now taken over as I normally wouldn’t bother. It’s the HTML code or me – there can be only one winner


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    This should show the badge but no link to the original site:
    <img src="" width="200" height="100" class="alignnone" />


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    Insert that into a text widget.


    It does indeed work although I would have expected something to work in the Image widget so I could link it to my Photography site. Never mind, this will do for the time being. Thanks one and all for the help thus far (still open to suggestions as to the image/link, etc.) but will leave it as badge is showing now.


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    will work in the image widget as well.

    You can also supply links as you like in text widgets, though for your purpose the image widget will be simpler to do.


    All resolved. Thank you so much.


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    You are welcome.

    Just a heads-up for you: your username links here:
    but your site is this:

    You might want to fix that:
    How to make your name link to your blog:
    Dashboard—> Personal Settings—>scroll to “Account Details” and where it says ‘website’ fill in the address of your blog—>save changes.


    thanks once again


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    you are most welcome.

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