html codes problem?

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    So basically i made the codes:
    there are some gap open, how do i fix it?
    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    Just so you know what to do with tables if you need them in other cases, a) border=”0″ is obsolete, b) 2010 specifies some padding around the content of each cell. So you need to add this to the opening table tag:
    And this to each opening td tag:

    As for images, a) you don’t need to specify the dimensions when you insert them in real size, b) it’s not good practice to insert images hosted elsewhere; better upload them to your blog via Media > Add New (and use the resulting File URLs).

    But, table coding isn’t the right way to do what you’re trying to do in this case: it’s unnecessarily complicated, as you’d need even more extra bits of code to make the pieces fit together. The right way is one image plus image mapping; you can do it here (after you upload the complete image to your blog):

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