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    yes behind the content. When i added what you said to my custom CSS, nothing happens. I go to my dashboards-appearance-customize-CSS-paste the CSS you have just provided me-and nothing changes..why so?

    thank you for your response.




    Using twenty-ten theme if that helps.


    I’m using Firebug in Firefox and added the above code directly to the custom CSS file in your site, and it turns the white area green. Can you try it again and leave it in so I can take a look?


    You will have to save the CSS for me to be able to view it in Firebug.



    It is now saved. Still nothing on my end. Using Macbook pro with chrome if that means anything.


    I’m not seeing any custom CSS on your site via Firebug in Firefox. Is the code showing in the CSS edit box, or was it stripped out?


    Can you log out with Chrome and log in with Safari and try adding the code with Safari and saving it?



    it is showing in the edit box and is saved. i followed the same path i specified before. I am just customizing through appearance in the dashboard. I then go to the bar on the right, down to CSS, and add my code. When i add the code and click out of the box it says “saved” although when i go back to the dashboard and back to customize the CSS is gone?



    Maybe it is possible i am not entering it in the right place or right way. How would you say to enter in the CSS?


    No, you are entering it into the right place. This was happening on another thread as well, so perhaps there is a glitch. The CSS is correct and if it is being deleted then that means there is an issue somewhere.

    Excuse the stupid question, but you do have the Custom Design upgrade, correct?


    There should be a button in the lower-right corner of the screen that starts in a state of “Saved”. As you edit the CSS within the box, the state of the button changes to “Save”, indicating that you must click that button to save your changes. Are you clicking the button to save your changes?



    yes. it automatically changes to “saved”. but nothing changes and i have no clue why.


    @damoclus, I’m sorry you’ve been having so much trouble with this! I have just tested saving CSS in my own test blog, and it worked in my test. I also know it’s working for others, so if the changes aren’t saving for you, then I suspect either it’s a browser-related problem or there’s a bug that is only triggered under certain circumstances and we have to figure out what they are.

    Can you please verify what browser and browser version you are using?

    Do you have any browser add-ons or extensions installed?

    One possible reason for CSS not saving is that you’re introducing a typo somehow when you paste in code. To try to rule that out, can you try deleting all of the default comment text in the Appearance → Themes → Customize → CSS panel and type the following CSS example in directly and then tell me exactly what happens when you click the Save button this time?

    p {
        color: red;


    I am using google chrome version 26.0.1410.65 on a MacBook Pro. No addons or extensions at all, besides a theme. Literally NOTHING happens. I enter it in, click save, it says saving, then published, and NOTHING on the page changes. I then go back into the CSS box and nothing is there but the “WELCOME TO CUSTOM CSS” message. I have no idea why it won’t work. Its killing me.


    This is hard to figure out because I can’t repeat the problem! I using Chrome 26 on a Mac for my tests too. I went ahead and saved a change to your custom CSS to see if it would work for me on your site, and it did. Can you try editing again now and let me know if there’s any change for you?



    Gah, this is killing me! I went the exact link you provided, went to CSS, the code p {
    text-align: left;
    was in the box. So i then entered in p {
    color: red;
    and clicked save, it published, clicked off the page, nothing happened. I then refreshed, no change. I then went back to the CSS box and the code I entered was not there, but the “text-align” was still there. Is it just not saving for me? I am beyond confused.


    Me too. It’s quite odd, and I can’t duplicate the problem so far. :(

    Okay, let’s step back and try some more basic troubleshooting steps…

    Can you try clearing your browser cache and cookies in Chrome and then try saving a change in the Appearance → Themes → Customize → CSS panel again?

    Earlier, thesacredpath asked if you would try testing from Safari, but I can’t tell if you did or not (I think you did). What about Firefox, any chance you can test using Firefox too?


    It would be awesome to know the answers from the last two questions for the Appearance → Themes → Customize → CSS panel first, but here’s another test that may work for you. Can you try editing the CSS using this link and let me know if it works for you?


    @damoclus, I wanted to check in with you today… did either of the latest two suggestions help at all?



    I have in fact tried safari. Not firefox yet. I have just attempted using p {
    color: red;
    with the link you provided. AND IT FINALLY WORKED> MY CONTENT TEXT TURNED RED! wow. Why did it have to take this long? I will attempt entering the code I needed into my CSS using that link and let you know if it works again.

    Thank you so much for checking up on me and helping me through this. It seems everyone else has given up!

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