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HTML documentation?

  1. Hello,

    Is there a canonical list of allowed html in posts on Some sort of documentation would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Good call ... I shall find out.

  3. enkrates: great idea, that way newbies get to learn stg abt html as well instead of scouring bit and pieces from the net.

  4. I will try to find the information and whatever I do find will either be posted here or on the faq.
    However .... what tags are used for, how they are used and all other information will not be given - there are whole websites devoted to xhtml and I can't compete with them :)

  5. podz,

    I completely understand about not giving a full course on xhtml. :)

    I just happened to figure out that I could center an image with <div align="center"> but not <center> tags. I figure it would be faster for me (and others) if I could look at a list instead of trying out everything I can think of.

  6. Podz, maybe a link to some of them might be in order? :)

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