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  1. Hi,

    When I use the HTML Editor these days, the buttons that used to be available for updating, etc. are no longer there. In their place there is something like this: {$lang.update}. The other buttons display in this kind of language as well. When I make the changes that I want to make on the text and click the {$lang.update}, the text updates; however, when I try to close the box, I cannot do so. Instead of an arrow cursor, which I've normally used, I am allowed only a 'finger' which does nothing. In addition, when I place the cursor on the blue part of the box (top of box) there is a cursor which allows me to drag the box around, but nothing more. The only way in which I can exit the Editor is by closing down my browser using 'contol-alt-delete'.

    At the bottom of my screen, on the left I also see a yellow triangle which says 'Error'. And when the finger cursor is placed on the 'X' which is supposed to 'close' the Editor, the bottom left 'Error' message changes to the following: Javascript: parent.mcwindows.window ['0'].close (); What's this all about. Any way of fixing this? Is this a problem experienced by others as well?

  2. This happened to me when I unchecked the formatting options under Writing in the Options menu of My Dashboard. Apparently, WP really wants to convert those emoticons and clean up improperly nested XHTML. The editor started working again after I rechecked those options, but it hasn't been the same since. It works slower than before and any attempt to click in the box before it's finished rendering the HTML results in a four-way-arrow that glues the box to my cursor and won’t release.

    My impression: it’s a testy little creature and holds a grudge. ;>

  3. Been discussed a few times already here in the forums. It appears that there was an upgrade of TinyMCE recently that appears to have caused issues with some.

    Insert my now normal rant about TinyMCE and my now normal suggestion of switching off the rich editor. You have better control over your post and html code with the plain editor anyway.

    Good luck,

  4. Strange...I didn't uncheck the formatting options.

    Do I need to enter my own code with the 'plain editor'?


  5. P.S. How do I get back my rich HTML editor? I don't know HTML code very well at all. Just know a few commands like br/ and /p, etc.

    By the way, what does /li mean?


  6. Not to go overboard with an HTML discussion, but "li" means List Item. If you create an Unordered List, then each List Item is indented and given a bullet (generally, depending on the style settings.) If you do an Ordered List, then each List Item is indented and given a number (again, generally, depending on the style settings.)

    The templates that I've seen here use style settings to arrange the links in the sidebar by categories of your choosing as separated Unordered Lists with no bullets and a preset indent.

  7. To turn the rich editor back on, you'll find the checkbox at Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile -> Bottom of the page

    Hope this helps,

  8. Thanks for all your feedback; one more question...if I turn off the rich editor, will I then need to input my own code in the 'Post' box in order for the 'post' to show up on my home page properly?

    If so, what will happen if I just input words without the code?

    I don't know how to use code. Perhaps I need to buy the book 'HTML For Dummies'.

    Will WordPress be fixing the problem with the Rich Editor? I sure hope so - it was very helpful. Without it my posts will be wonky.


  9. Go to My Dashboard, go under Options, click Writing, and make sure that the two formatting checkboxes are both checked. Even if they are both checked, uncheck them and recheck them, and then save your changes. That should get the editor working the way you want. There's no reason to make things more complicated than they have to be.

    If you end up being forced to use the plain post box rather than the rich text editor, try typing your posts in Wordpad (not Microsoft Word) and then copying and pasting the text from there. Don't get too complicated with the formatting options, though. Some of the underlying tags may still be incompatible.

  10. Giovanni - you will not need to enter loads of html. Just write like you do normally.

    If you want to insert a link (for example) or bold or italic use the buttons just like you normally would.

    That's what I like about WP. It's about the writing, not the HTML!


  11. Thanks so much for all your feedback. Really feel helped.


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