HTML editor changes content every time I press 'update'

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    I’m trying to create a post with one section of text smaller than the rest. I do this on practically every post I make, using the HTML command <span style=”font-size:small;”> TEXT HERE </span>.

    Today, though, for some reason, as soon as I switch from HTML to Visual in the edit field, or, now the post is live, when I go into HTML, change it back and click ‘update’, the editor is inserting a space between the : and the word ‘small’ (so the code now says <span style=”font-size: small;”>

    This (I assume it’s this, anyway) is preventing it from having any effect, of course, and the font is the exact same size throughout the post. Why is the editor adding this extra space (which it never normally does)? How can I get it to stop doing so?

    The post in question is this one. The list of fixtures at the bottom of it is the part that’s supposed to be appearing slightly smaller.

    The blog I need help with is

    #755089 is pretty much HTML5 and the “font-size” HTML tag was depreciated in HTML4 and is now obsolete in HTML5. You have to use an inline CSS “style” declaration such as this now:

    <span style="font-size: small;">TEXT HERE</span>


    Looking at the source code for that post, the above is exactly what the wordpress software is doing. It is converting the obsolete HTML tag into inline CSS.


    Thanks very much for the explanation, and I’ll bear it in mind when using the tag in future posts… but in that case, why doesn’t it work? The part I want to appear smaller is still the same size as the rest of the text…


    Any ideas? Just made a new post to my other blog (same username), here.

    The bits that are meant to be small in this one aresmall, and the HTML/CSS editor hasn’t inserted a space (according to the source code view, at least). The post I already linked to above is still showing all text at the same size, and the source code isn’t showing that extra gap.

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