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    When I indent, I use the < ol > tag. But recently, when I use the tag, all text within that tag become extremely large when on the front page. If you click the permalink, it’s fine and the way it should be. I checked the ul and li tags as well and the same thing happens. If I use the blockquote tag, it’s fine. But I prefer the ol tag. This happened the other day with 3 posts. But I thought I didn’t close a tag and searched for a while but couldn’t find the problem. All tags were closed. I eventually gave up. But now it’s happened again and it seems to be when I use those tags.

    The post on my front page now starting off with Janine shows the problem. Thanks.



    What’s the URL of the blog at which you’re having this problem?


    Oh, I didn’t think I can post it here because it’s an adult blog. If you want to edit out the link after, it’s


    The ol tag is for numbered lists, not for indenting. You can highlight the text and use the blockquote button. If you don’t like the frame you get in the theme you’re using, use html for padding – see “Full Indents” and “Blockquotes” here:


    About a year or so ago I used the li and ul tags but then the theme changed for whatever reason and it looked odd on IE. So I started using the ol tag which I prefer because it looks good on both Firefox and IE. The blockquote tag is good for a small paragraph but looks bad if you’re quoting a very long or several paragraphs.


    Oh and I haven’t switched themes at all but it still changed. The theme is Sapphire.


    I just checked Internet Explorer and the same thing is happening there. I use Firefox.


    I cleared cookies, history, and cache again and it’s the same as I mentioned.


    Of coure it’s the same, because you’re using html badly. As I already said, ol is for ordered lists: if you don’t use it the way it’s meant to be used, you’re bound to get undesirable side effects. What you’re getting now happens because of the paragraph breaks: you’re not supposed to have paragraph breaks inside an ol. To indent your text, you need html for padding or for margins.


    But everything was fine all this time until this week. I didn’t change anything. Now the text inside the ol tag is extremely large.

    But many ordered lists have a few sentences making it a paragraph. Not every list is a few words. All I’m saying is that I changed nothing and this happened. And I use that tag because it looks best on both Firefox and IE.


    • I don’t know about the change: maybe staff changed something in the theme.

    • Real ordered lists are like that:

    <li>SOMETHING HERE</li>

    That’s not what you’ve being doing.

    • The actual appearance of an ordered list is defined in the CSS of the theme: in Sapphire you get this problem now, in another theme it’ll be ok, in another one you’ll get very little or no indenting, etc. The ol tag is not a safe way to create indenting. I don’t see why you are so reluctant to try the codes I’m giving in the post I linked to: you can create the exact look you want by adjusting the numbers, then save the version you prefer in a simple text file and paste it each time you need it. You won’t have to worry about changes or bugs in the theme, and it’ll look the same in all browsers.


    Thank you for the help and for the link. I hate change and anything tech related takes me a bit to learn and get the hang of. I don’t know why a theme would change something so small as that though it’s been so important to me. Yes, the world revolves around me. lol Thanks!


    Oh damn, I went back more than 20 pages and it’s the same there too. I thought maybe this error would only stay with new posts but it’s not. Why would a theme change for something so small but so important? *cries*

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