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HTML for newsletter

  1. I read that WordPress isn't the place to
    write commercial slanted it possible to add HTML for a my store newsletter
    in my non-commercial blog (just some of the characters happen to be also featured in products I sell)blog
    My blog is "All for the cats"

  2. Would help if we knew what the code was you were trying to add in....

  3. I think she's asking whether or not she'd be violating the TOS by using to write a newsletter where she is selling something.

  4. Agreed but usually the code would include a link to the site in question as well. :)

  5. Thanks for the replies..sorry I didn't clarify; I've a store at cafepress; my newsletter is
    published by cafepress, I just wanted to know if I could add to my blog HTML for a signup does include the shop's name, etc..thank-you

  6. I politly point out that we still need the code you're trying to put in. :)

    I'm going to assume that since you ment a 'box', it's some type of form. Forms are not allowed and are stripped from user input due to security concerns.

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