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HTML/ framer virus on wordpress sites

  1. stevefinchphotography

    What is going on - I put in a question to wordpress but no answer.

    AVG and MS Explorer are blocking <B>wordpress</B> sites as they have a virus - HTML/framer.
    These are wordpress hosted sites - not self hosted!
    I have tried a number of random wordpress sites from a number of computers around Yorkshire....always the same where you are using Explorere and AVG

    This is creating a VERY BAD impression for the public looking at these sites including MY SITE!!!!!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have a chat with AVG - they have had several false positives over the years for WordPress.COM sites - my Firefox and MCafee loads fine. You can also ask the staff to contact AVG on your behalf.

  3. Why are you SHOUTING? Ho does SHOUTING help to resolve this issue? When people shout in cyberspace it's equivalent to SHOUTING into someone's face. They effect is that we Volunteers are tempted to ignore such threads completely.

    Have you contacted Staff?
    Have you contact AVG support?
    Have you noticed the other forum thread and disabled the sharing buttons that are giving rise to this?

  4. stevefinchphotography

    As I response, so you do end up shouting and yes I have found that disabling the sharing button stops I have to accept that features don't work...great stuff.

    Perhaps something is being done to sort this, but without any response how do we know that?

    Would you be happy that people are faced with a virus warning when looking at your work?

    Perhaps think it through

    Incidentally, it is also happening with Google Chrome

  5. I think we can safely assume that Staff will address the issue prior to responding here but do note I flagged this thread for Staff attention previously.

  6. As we look into this matter, could you please report this issue to AVG?

  7. stevefinchphotography


    Have done,

    occurring with AVG business edition and on enterprise server, across two organisations
    first noticed on another wordpress site yesterday and reported, then occurred on this wordpress site today - perhaps it is following AVG updates on the workstations in use

    I have one magazine who have now taken my links off their site because it was posting people into a potential virus infection.... not good

  8. There isn't anything wrong on our end, so hopefully between us contact them and their customers contacting them, this may end soon.

  9. stevefinchphotography

    I hope so.
    I have gradually started to move a number of sites over to wordpress because I think it is very good kit, but regardless of who's issue it is, this sort of thing cannot happen when it effects my business / clients / reputation. It inevitably raises the questions 'should I revert to serving my own sites where I can manage everything'..... 'have I got confidence'

    I have added some comment to a few threads about this on AVG

  10. False-positives are bound to happen with any sort of security software, not matter who you're hosted with. Unfortunately, it just happened to be us this time.

    In this case, AVG received one suspect report and chose to block their customers from all 25 million blogs rather than contact us. There's nothing that we can do to prevent situations like this, and you may want to consider seeking another security service if they make a habit out of this.

  11. AVG has replied and it was definitely a false-positive on their end.

    Users will need to update following this guide to remove the warning:

  12. I've had all my clients dump AVG due to such issues - and others. I used to think quite highly of them, but recent experience has sent me elsewhere.

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