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  1. I have successfully made my first post from my treo using

    It is possible to post to my blog in HTML using ?



  2. Why not try it and report back? I can't find any threads that answer that question, and I can't remember the answer off the top of my head.

    You'd probably have to shut off the Visual editor entirely before attempting it, though.

  3. Amazing. Thanks for the encouragement, raincoaaster.

    Take a look at the top post at . It is a simple link to my photo albums. I'll delete it in the morning. (If anyone cares there is a link to my albums on my About Page.

    In the process I discovered that the Treo Centro has a popup keyboard with additional symbols that enabled me to add the necessary code. All I had to do was add the code into the wordpress screen. I didn't have to foo; with the visual editor at all.



  4. Dumb question. How do I edit the above post?

  5. You can't edit posts in the forum.

    OT: when posting links, always begin them with http:// which makes them clickable.

  6. That means I'll have to learn to type. ;)

    Thanks for the suggestion. BTW: When using to post in a wordpress blog, use the fullmarkup, Ordinary Potato. Of course, now I'll discover what happens when I do that here. If all you see is Ordinary Potato, as an active link it works that way here too.

    There must be a way to show the markup in here other than as an image. a href="
    Prehaps it is

    Thanks again.

  7. It LOOKS like a link, but it isn't clickable.

    The markup in here? In the forums? Allowable tags are listed under the Leave A Reply box.

    Allowed markup: a blockquote code em strong ul ol li.
    You can also put code in between backtick ( ` ) characters.

  8. If you click on the highlighted text "Ordinary Potato" above that is a live link which I created using correct markup by leaving out the "<" and ">" I was able to show the code I used.

    What do the "backtick" characters accomplish?

  9. That link does not work for me.

    The backtick enables code to be shown but not executed, so we can examine it. It's useful for widgets and so on when people can't figure out why it won't work.
    it looks like this

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