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HTML iframe

  1. Hello. I am trying to add a HTML iframe to one of my pages. How do I do this?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. We cannot use iframes on free hosted blogs, as the software strips the code to preserve security and stability on this mutltiuser blogging platform.

  3. Can I-Frame be used on the premium site?

  4. No. Premium simply means you purchase a bundle of upgrades and no upgrade you purchase changes what's stated clearly here >

  5. P.S. iframes are ugly 1990's technology that are bigtime security risks.

  6. I purchased the $99 premium site. Thought that included a bit more than your saying. What can I use to frame my broker's site on a page of my blog? I'm a real estate agent but can't add independently add IDX to my site as it's not permitted to be done that way in Ohio. I have to frame my brokers site. So if there is no i frame, what are my options for doing this?

  7. Use the RSS widget, assuming his site has an RSS feed.

    Note that each upgrade at applies only exactly to what it says. A custom domain doesn't change your hosting or the Terms of Service. Custom Design doesn't let you upload new themes. Etc.

  8. will rss work for this purpose? I have the pro bundle.

  9. RSS will put the titles of his newest posts in a widget in your sidebar, with or without an excerpt, and people can click to go to his site.

  10. RSS won't work to frame the brokerages site. IDX is for searching for properties.

  11. Then you cannot use it here. You can create a static link to another site on which the info is displayed.

  12. Because of the nature of the structure here at (it is a multi-user platform) any code errors, or any security issues in code that someone might put into their site could affect all sites here, and WordPress is very concerned about security with over 30+ million sites here.

    Your other choice, would be to self-host a installation on a third-party hosting service where you would be able to add anything you wish. Do note though that you have to be very careful with the code you add and make sure it does not have any security holes. All it takes is a tiny crack for a spammer/cracker (hacker) to get in and do all sorts of mischief. I know because that is part of how I make money: fixing compromised websites.

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