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    This is an… odd issue. A couple months ago I imported all the entries from my Livejournal to WordPress. I’ve noticed now that any bold HTML used in my LJ entries isn’t showing in those posts, though if I go to edit the post the proper words are bolded in the edit window and if I update the post, the bold characters show. Any other HTML in the LJ posts (like italics) is showing just fine – it’s only anything in bold that isn’t.

    Anyone know of a way to fix this without manually going through every entry and resaving or reformatting?

    The blog I need help with is


    Can you give us a link to a post where this is happening and perhaps identify a word or phrase or something and we’ll look into it.


    Well, for example, in this post here all of the plain text is supposed to be bolded. The HTML for the italic formatting is working fine, as you can see. And if I go to edit the post, all the correct words are in bold.


    You were using the “b” tag for bold and everyone is starting to move away from that and to “strong” tags. The reason the “b” tags aren’t producing bold text is because there is not styling rule in the CSS for the “b” tags.

    You will have to edit the posts and replace all “b” tags with “strong” tags. Styling could be added to the CSS for the “b” tags if you had the Custom Design Upgrade, but $30 just to at a rule for “b” tags would be a little much.

    I’ll tag this thread for staff attention and to have it moved to the themes forum and perhaps staff will add that to the original CSS for the theme.


    Ah, that makes sense. So “i” is still used for italics?

    Thanks for clearing that up! I figured it was something like that.


    “i” is sort of going the same way and being replaced by “em” tags.

    There are all sorts of discussions about b vs strong and i vs em and the purists say that both are needed and both should be used with em and strong being used for emphasis and b and i for just differentiating things, like the title of a book, or a lower level subheadings, etc.

    I can see the purist’s arguments, but then that is one more thing I have to think about when I’m writing posts. Do I use b here or strong, i or em?

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