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    I understand and respect the reason that you do not allow javascript.

    I would like to add a counter that keeps track of the cost of the war in Iraq. The page where you get the code:

    claims that there are 2 ways. The first is javascript and the other, “older” way is an html link to the counter on their page. This is the code:

    <img src=”” alt=”src:’'” width=”600″ height=”100″ class=”” />

    Is it possible to put this onto the sidebar in a widget. (Which widget?)

    My wordpress sites are; and

    Thank you


    just copy and paste the code into a text widget



    Dashboard -> Presentation -> Widgets. They’re building blocks for your blog’s sidebar. Add in a text widget. The second code will work as javascripts are removed form all user input as a security risk.



    Here’s an image of a text widget and instructions that may help you



    they must both have javascript in them.

    Using the “older” code, I get nothing.

    Using the newer code, I get a “Javascript” error.



    The first code is as you say a javascript which is stripped by software to reserve security on this wp-MU shared blogging platform. The second code is for an inline frame which apparently is conflicting with the AJAX javascript for this domain. We cannot use inline frames on our blogs here so, IMO the bottom line is that neither code will work on a blog.

    What you can do is provide a cost of the war in Iraq link in your sidebar and people can use the link to check the cost.



    They do include a mention of a MySpace counter being announced later on. That would probably work once they did it.

    What they need to do is kick out a static image file. Take them all of two seconds I’ll bet. Surprised that they don’t do so. Have it update like once an hour.

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