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html in text widgtes

  1. hey

    I dont seem to be able to use html in my text widgets.
    I have had no issues before. but now it doesnt matter what html I write
    it will just come up as text or disappear all together.

    any idea whats up?

    Blog url:

  2. What is the code you are trying to use? Some tags are forbidden on and will automatically stripped away.

  3. thanks that was it. i was an iframe code.

    but I have also tried to get google translate to work, but that does not work either. and I have seen tons of blogs that have google translate.

    the code I am using is this but with my wordpress adress.

    I have used it before but cant remember how I did it :)

    Arabic (|ar&u=

    Bulgarian (|bg&u=

    Catalan (|ca&u=

    Chinese Simplified (|zh-CN&u=

    Chinese Traditional (|zh-TW&u=

    Croatian (|hr&u=

    Czech (|cs&u=

    Danish (|da&u=

    Dutch (|nl&u=

    English (|en&u=

    Estonian (|et&u=

    Filipino (|tl&u=

    Finnish (|fi&u=

    French (|fr&u=

    Galician (|gl&u=

    German (|de&u=

    Greek (|el&u=

    Hebrew (|iw&u=

    Hindi (|hi&u=

    Hungarian (|hu&u=

    Indonesian (|id&u=

    Italian (|it&u=

    Japanese (|ja&u=

    Korean (|ko&u=

    Lativian (|lv&u=

    Lithuanian (|lt&u=

    Maltese (|mt&u=

    Norwegian (|no&u=

    Polish (|pl&u=

    Portuguese (|pt&u=

    Romanian (|ro&u=

    Russian (|ru&u=

    Serbian (|sr&u=

    Slovak (|sk&u=

    Slovenian (|sl&u=

    Spanish (|es&u=

    Thai (|th&u=

    Turkish (|tr&u=

    Ukrainian (|uk&u=

    Vietnamese (|vi&u=

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