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Html link in post doesn't work, how to fix it? - Rollover image.

  1. Hi,

    I'd like to put a rollover image to post. It works fine when I'm editing, but a part of html I typed in disappears after saving the post.

    I type in to html (in new post):

    <img src="" name=e471606511 border=0>

    So, in preview everything's fine, but part is automatically deleted after saving. Why is this happening? How can I fix it?

    Thank you very much for all the responces :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. <a href="" --- onmouseover="rog1240166616.src= ---
    ' /2012/07/e4716065dk.jpg'" -- onmouseout="rog1240166616.src=' -- /2012/07/e471606511.jpg'"><img src=" - /2012/07/e471606511.jpg" name="rog1240166616" border="0"/>

  3. The onmouseover attributes are not allowed because they are for JavaScript. See

    You may be able to do CSS-only rollovers. I posted a reply that may be useful in another thread, see

  4. Thank you :)

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