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    Hi there, I would like to add a html link on my home page to the most recent post written. It is possible to do this?

    thank you


    The blog I need help with is


    That is what the recent posts widget does, and you have that in your sidebar now.



    no sorry, I did not make myself totally clear – I want to put a link into the main body of text on the home page, so that you can click on a word within that text which will take you to the most recent post.

    i.e. I have written on my homepage : a series of online entries starting at the

      first post

    (ending at the most

      recent post


    I made a link on the two words ‘first post’ to the first post because that was easy to do – I just linked to the first ever post, but a link on the two words: ‘recent post’ is harder as it constantly changes, I just wonder if there is a specific extension that can be placed at the end of the site’s address which automatically takes you to the last post published? for example:



    You will have to change the link in the main page manually each and every time you create a new post then. This could be done with a MySQL query I suspect, but the code that would be required, we are not allowed to use for security reasons.

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