HTML not responding correctly (picture alignment)

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    I’m trying to insert several images onto one page –

    However the HTML appears to be using a mind of it’s own with regards to their alignement. The first two images are perfect but the 3rd and 5th ones down keep appearing further across the page. I have no idea why they are doing this and have tried different spacings etc.

    Can anyone please help!!

    Many thanks!!

    The blog I need help with is



    Have you clicked on the image and told it to align left? I notice that with some of them, when looking at the page source, the image attributes include left alignment and some don’t, although oddly, it doesn’t appear to be the ones that aren’t properly aligned.



    Have you tried aligning the the first image “left” and setting the other images to “none”?
    See here >


    All the images must be left aligned if you want the respective texts next to them. Left-align means text-wrap too. So if the text is shorter than the image, the next image will show up where the text ends – that’s why two of your images are misplaced. To counter that, switch the editor to HTML and paste this after each image-text pair:
    <br style="clear:both;" />



    I have a different but related problem with spacing between pictures. The problem is especially pronounced when I mix pictures with and without captions in the same post, the empty space between them appear double-spaced. When this happens (inconsistent), have to delete the space in HTML Editor by manually deleting the space. Shouldn’t have to do this at all unless intentional hard spacing.



    Yeah that bothered me a bit earlier too.



    An example of the spacing problem between a photo with caption and one without can be seen here. Is there a way to make them stick closer to together?


    The difference is not caption vs no caption, it’s insertion of each image right next to the previous one vs after a line break.

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