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HTML Source Editor. Problem with Greek

  1. My blog is in Greek. Everytime I was opening the HTML window before, I could see my post in Greek. Now, I see incomprehensible things. In particular, the words shown are letters of the greek alphabet, e.g. "sigma" = the letter "Σ" ("σίγμα), "epsilon" = the letter "Ε" ("έψιλον") etc. This happens ever since the HTML source editor window changed in appearance a few days ago.

  2. I also noticed the exact same problem. Greek characters are converted to HTML special characters. I can see this not only in tinyMCE but also in the source code of my blog. My blog is set for UTF-8. This didn't happen before the update of tinyMCE.


  3. Still dumb question just for my reference. What character set should it be in? Thanks.

  4. For example, this post ( would have been appeared like this previously: <p>Ποια είναι η δουλειά του account executive σε μια διαφημιστική εταιρεία;</p><br /> <p><!--more--></p>

    Now, however, it appears like that: <p>Ποια είναι η δουλειά του account executive σε μια διαφημιστική εταιρεία;</p><br /> <p><!--more--></p>

  5. The problem persists. It is very annoying. Any help please?

  6. Maybe if you had answered the quesion I had asked you. We can't help you if you don't give us the information we need to do so.

    The reason I'm asking is that your blog is in UTF-8 which I do not believe uses Greek characters. Have you checked your Dashboard -> Options -> Reading -> Encoding for pages and feeds and made sure that it's set for ISO-8859-7 which I believe is for Greek?

  7. I use UTF-8 since I first began writing, and I had no problems with that till the HTML pop-up window upgrade. Anyway, I changed the encoding to ISO-8859-7 but the problem persists.

  8. bizwriter, we're aware of the issue and working on a solution. Please be patient.

  9. Thanks, Andy!

  10. Hello.. Is this a major bug of the editor? The problem persists, practically nullifying the use of UTF-8

  11. Hi,

    Me too!

    I am importing from Blogger, from a blog that had ISO-8859-7. Even if i set WordPress to that it doesn't work.

    Any news on a solution?

  12. Thought of bumping up this pending issue, since it's a "language matters" day :)

  13. any news on a solution, please???

  14. Same problem in the Sapphire theme in the source this time... in all the other themes the text is saved normally -even though the html edit problem is the same for all of them- In the Sapphire theme they are saved in the mode that Bizwriter described (epsilon;iota etc) earlier and thus the search function becomes useless for the texts that have been written under that theme.

  15. Same problem appeared in the Regulus theme a couple of times. Post appeared in Unicode/HTML mode, in both Safari and Firefox.
    I pasted a fresh copy of text and the UTF/HTML view passed away...

    But the problem remains... It's practically impossible to edit any text.
    Any news?

  16. Greek characters were added to the HTML encoding list a few versions ago. I am exploring ways of leaving these intact without breaking encodings. We should have a solution for this very soon.

  17. Thank you for putting your efforts on this. FYI three or four months back these problem did not occur. It started when the editor was updated.

  18. This looks as it has been fixed :)
    Thank you guys.

  19. Yep, it works fine now for my blog too.

    Thank you very much guys!

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