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HTML table adding unwanted space

  1. Im using html table to line up images and text but its not working. The text is dropping down as I add images in the box next to the text. The more images the more the text drops.

    Any ideas how I can change this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Link to the post or page in question please.


    This is the page I am working on. Please note that the text in the right column starts at the bottom of the pics in the left column. Why is this occurring. The text will drop as I add pics so it is always below the pics.

    Thank you

  4. We volunteers don't have access to your dashboard: you need to publish the page.


    On this page you can see the first picture and section of text formats properly. The rest on the page do not.

  6. I'm not WP staff, Robert: I can't see password protected pages just as I can't see your dashboard.

  7. Sorry about that. The page is now public

  8. So: this is happening because tables in many new themes include some quirky defaults. To correct the issue you need to force the alignment you prefer. Change all of these:
    <td style="vertical-align:top;">

    If you need any other adjustments, let me know. (I've copied the code of your page, so I won't need to see it again: you can turn it to private till you finish it.)

  9. Thank You. I have added the new code you sent and it is working perfectly.
    Thank you

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