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    I’ve been trying to add a table to one of the pages on my blog with just one row of two cells – in the left-hand cell will be a picture, and in the right-hand cell some text. I know the HTML coding to do this but when using it I find that the border is still visible despite the use of ‘border=”0″‘, and the text in the right-hand column for some reason begins in line with the bottom of the picture in the left-hand cell. I have attempted to use ‘valign=”top”‘ to resolve the latter issue but with no success.
    Any advice/info would be greatly appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    Those two commands (plus several others) are deprecated. You need the corresponding ones in the style attribute:

    <table style="border:none;">
<td style="border:none;vertical-align:top;">

    But you don’t need a table at all for a single image with some text next to it. Just set the alignment of the image to left, type the text right next to it, and paste this after the text to stop the wrap-around effect:
    <br style="clear:both;" />

    You might need to add some margin to the image:
    <img style="margin-right:14px;" ETC ETC


    Thanks for the suggestions. I couldn’t seem to get the it to work without using a table though, the first line of text would start at the bottom right of the image. But I’ve applied the style attributes and they have worked wonders!

    I guess it just goes to show how long it’s been since I last used HTML for anything other than inserting a link.



    You’re welcome.
    “The first line of text would start at the bottom right of the image” because you’ve set its alignment to none; if you set it to left, the text will wrap around – no table needed.



    Thanks. I had exactly the same problem and your guidance was perfect.

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