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HTML tags as text on import entries

  1. Hi! I'm new to WordPress and I imported many entries from Movable Type this weekend. Everything went smoothly except that all the HTML formatting I did in my Movable Type (mostly simple link and images) are displayed as simple text in WordPress.

    For example, I have this:
    Le Casino de Paris accueille, le lundi 23 Octobre 2006, la première édition de la cérémonie de remise de prix “Les Césaires de la Musique”.

    instead of words in bold.

    Do you know any way I could have the html displayed correctly?

  2. Ok, the words are in bold in the example. I meant:
    "lundi 23 Octobre 2006"

  3. This is definetly not working. See the example to see what I mean. lol...

  4. That is really bizarre. I can't see any reason why the editor would force the bold tag to do that.

    Can I suggest you send in feedback and ask the gods if they can help?

  5. Would have to see the import file to see what was going on. I've used the MT importer many times and haven't seen this occur before.

    Any chance the import file could be zipped up and uploaded somewhere please?

  6. Can someone bump this please after 8:30 PM us eastern time so I can look at it in the morning. I'm up against closing time here.

  7. bump?

  8. bump :)

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