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    Instead of seeing the word HTML alongside “Visual” on the editing page, the word “Text” shows up in grey. Nothing happens when I click it.
    I’m also unable to embed links using the link button (the icons are greyed out).

    Also having problems with Tags … tried to add tags to my Aug 23 post and it won’t work.

    These problems also appear on other blogs that I run. Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is



    Found a partial answer to the no tags problem.

    I still can’t add a tag when I’m in editing mode BUT when I went into the list of my posts, then clicked on “Quick Edit” I WAS able to add a tag … so I do have a partial work-around.

    Still no progress on using html.


    They recently changed the name of the tab from “html” to “text” – nothing else about it has changed.

    Check your browser add-ons. Here in Firefox (14.0.1) I had to whitelist AdBlock Plus and Do Not Track Plus, they were interfering with adding and editing posts. boxes were greyed out, nothing would save, etc.


    Oops – also try the secure log in: :-)



    Dear Sensuous :-)

    Thanks for this suggestion … it WORKS.

    Is there a glitch in the program somewhere that caused this? The downside of https is that the pages load slower (I’m not on true highspeed. SIgh.)

    I use Safari, no add-ons. Thanks also for the tip about Do Not Track … don’t have it but was thinking of installing it. (Did you solve that problem?)

    I really appreciate this Forum … thank you again for the time you spend helping others solve their problems. I



    This isn’t a glitch. It’s important for us all to be aware of security issues and the need to use the https:// log-in


    You’re welcome!

    I’m on a Mac, and prefer Firefox over Safari – it may be perception, but it seems faster. A friend who only has dial-up (!) also found Firefox faster, so you might want to consider trying it.

    I’ve learned first to clear cache and cookies, and then to try turning off add-ons – DNT and AdBlock seem to be the biggest culprits.

    Glad to hear it is working for you!

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