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html verification

  1. i have been trying to verify my site with google and word press is now part of them at least you are all over my site. i do get the 404 error site not found. i have tried everything i can find to resolve this but i cannot. there is an upload on my dashboard but it will not load up anything but photo or images??? could someone visit my site and see if there is a problem in the blog source? i see no header.php as that was one of the resolutions i read up on. my site is and i cannot get a sitemap without verification. this has been going on since i first created this blog back on march. google has no contact support only referrals to forums and faq. there is nothing in there to help me anyway. am i better off switching over to wordpress blogging?? any help appreciated as i am ready to quit this whole thing! i have signed up for all the connections like commission junction, linkshare, clickbank, paypal and have not even generated 1 single hit!!!! bren faria

  2. That's not a blog, so we can't help you here. If you're using WordPress software in your own space, you should go over to, where they should be able to help you.

    If you want to run ads, you'll find they're against the Terms of Service here, so this isn't a good choice for you.

  3. Wrong site I'm afraid as that's not a blog hosted here at You need to contact your host (ie since you're running WordPress Multiuser. It's like walking into yankee stadium with a red sox shirt on. :)

    Do note by the way that the 'www' bit within your URL like that is incorrect. The 'outbark' takes the place of it and they can not coexist. 30% of the net and most search engine spiders can't folloow such a link which may be part of your issue.

  4. thank all for your help and i like the analogy of red sox and yankee. i have always felt that the www should not be there but when i tried to veryify it called for it. so now i have a place to start. again thank you sooo much for your help and quick response. bren faria

  5. Not a problem. :)

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