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    In a self-hosted wordpress, which I am about to have one, I’d like to know about pasted HTML code:
    I know that ready-made code – from Youtube & Scribd – for embedding will work. But what about code which has to be pasted in the Head/Body section? Will the HTML view have the basic structure of a HTML page containing the HTML, Head & Body tags? I ask this coz the same doesn’t exist in I’ve a HTML code that a part of which has to be in the Head section, & the other, in the Body section.

    The blog I need help with is



    WordPress.ORG questions have to be asked over in the forums at We can’t answer those questions here.


    raincoaster, your’re absolutely right! May be, I was just trying my luck.



    I’m living this nightmare right now, trying to move a blog off here onto an external server. All kinds of things don’t work, including Sourcecode. Ugh.

    Right now I am editing out p textalign and replacing it with p align in EVERY ONE OF MY POSTS. Because it apparently interferes with the external version of Monotone. The external version of Duotone won’t even THINK about working for me.

    And there doesn’t seem to be a Search the Forums feature over there at all!


    raincoaster, sorry to sound negative – but I don’t think I understand your problem.
    What’s “p textalign “? What’s “p align”? What’s “Monotone”? What’s “Duotone “?

    R u sure you’ve chosen the right person to air your grievances?
    Never mind – I am all EARS!



    1 an HTML tag to align contents
    2 a different HTML tag to align contents, which behaves somewhat differently
    3 a theme
    4 a different theme
    5 any port in a storm.




    sorry for test link, I can’t understand what code able for links on this forum.



    If you want to test, chat and or play the please do that only in the Off-Topic Forum, rather than in this support forum. Here’s the link to the playground Have fun!

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