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HTML5 Canvas element

  1. I am trying to post something groovy that makes use of js and the HTML5 canvas element. The WP engine seems not to support it. I tried using various browsers, all of which support CANVAS (again: the HTLM element, not the plug-in). Too bad, if there is this limitation, when going native with HTLM5 in "text" post mode. Anyone else having this problem? Any solutions, O Gods from WP?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. hmmm it seems that WP also does not support JS. egads!

    i put the code in brackets




    and it the code showed up as text, which is pretty lame.

  3. Have you read this comparison?
    Specifically have you read which HTML tags can be used on free hosted blogs?

  4. yes time thief tx i once knew but forgot about that
    too bad there isnt some kind of "sandboxed" area where users can show off neat stuff -- espically cool js and canvas animations -- without the WP world coming to an end
    i have no interest personally in malicious software and would not even begin to know how to use or create it!

  5. Sorry but the way it is is the way it is.

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