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HTTP Error upon image upload?

  1. Hello, I was attempting to upload a .jpeg on my blog (something I do routinely -- see my site, for an example). This image was a similar size to most other images (50 KB). However, when I selected the file, I received an HTTP error. I uploaded another image as a test and it seemed to work fine. What could possibly be the cause of the problem?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I should add that I was posting from the dashboard.

  3. crazytigerrabbitman

    I am experiencing the same problem on my blog. I'm confident that the issue will be resolved shortly.

  4. OK everyone, since I retrieved the image from online, I retook the screenshot, cropped it again, and re-uploaded it. It worked fine. I believe it was just that image, but it's still odd.

  5. Don't be.

    If you uploaded from the dashboard Add New Post page, check your media library and confirm you have enough space. If you do, what browser and versionn are you using? And what is the filename? Punctuation can cause problems.

  6. The issue, for me at least, has been resolved. Thanks. I still have more than enough space.

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