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Http vs. www in address

  1. Yes, I know, this is probably the world's dumbest question. But I really don't know and can't find an answer that is written in dumbed down language for the completely clueless.

    When I am giving people my blog address via word of mouth or via link in an email, for example, sometimes the doesn't work. Should I be giving them http:/ instead?

    TIA (see, I know a few things...) You all are the best.

  2. And oops, I meant http://

  3. There is no www in your blog's url. It is

  4. The http:// version, without the www.

  5. Using the W's will sometimes work, but it's like driving from New York to Seattle via Mexico City.

  6. agreed, with coaster. the www takes your address through an unnecessary longer path.
    today its used only to look like a big time web site like www . google .com for example.
    you shouldnt need it, its not a dumb question.

  7. Thank you all VERY much. I appreciate it!

  8. Just for final clarification, http:// is a HyperText Transfer Protocol. whether you give it to people in the link or not, it'll always show up after hitting Enter or Go. It is the first block to how data is transfered and without it, no transfer happens. For simple spreading your name by word of mouth, is at the most all you need.

    As for WWW, that stands for world wide web, and it is a prefix, or subdomain to any domain name(in this case This is used as the default subdomain. In WordPress's case, every individual blog has its own subdomain, so if anything www is replace by asdmommy. Hope that helps.

  9. Actually, that's not true in all browsers. I've sat there and hit ENTER till I'm blue in the face but until I type in the http bit, it wouldn't go anywhere. Now I use Firefox and it works intelligently, but the same has not always been true of all browsers.

  10. Okay, wait. Thought I was done, but I'm not. I just changed the address in my yahoo mail automatic signature from the to, and when I emailed another email address of mine, the http link DIDN'T work, but the www link DID.

    Yet when I typed out the link in an online bulletin board for my alumni association, the www link didn't work for people.

    So now I'm more confused. Is it just my browser?

  11. Stick to what's in the address bar in your blog. The tiniest little error in an url, and it will not work. Double and triple check if you actually write it out somewhere - I find the easiest is to copy - paste from the site itself.

  12. It's probably just that you got an extra / in there, or not enough. Do what boblets suggests and then you never have to worry. By definition it will always be right.

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