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    I always assumed that you had to use the “” format to get to my blog. I’ve now found that “” works just as well.

    Is this normal, as I couldn’t find anything on the suppport or features sites to tell me this? Might be something I should have known, but I didn’t.

    Oh, and please don’t take it away, even if it shouldn’t work. I was about to ask for 25,000 publicity leaflets to be shredded because “they have the wrong address” – until someone pointed out that the “www” link did work!



    I could confuse you with some techie speak, but let me just say that while works, strictly and technically speaking it is the wrong address; is correct and is what you should use (next time)



    Dear manchesterpgcareers

    Even if the user types in it will work.
    with or without the http:// or the www.

    you have done the right thing having the www printed on your leaflets because this shows customers that its a website addresss.

    I am very please to have found the wordpress site. ive been learning web design for 2 years. ask me, if you need any more tips. you can post questions on and i can do my best to answer them, I am always learning things myself.

    all the best whith manchesterpgcareers.

    when you are logged in to wordpress. go to the home page and on you will see that you can set up more than one blog. I have set up 2 now. : )

    From Hugo




    There is no need to add the www to make it (look like) a website address. Many websites do not use the www.

    That aside, this is a technical support forum, not so much a forum for promoting one’s own blog, especially if it is unrelated to the subject asked for, let alone void of much content.



    Using the www. just makes it look old-fashioned. Hugo, you need to update your skillz if you want to get a rep for knowing your stuff.



    Your guys are great. Thanks for the advice.

    : )


    Thanks for the wise words.

    It may be old fashioned and strictly/technically speaking wrong, but “www” is so much more familiar to casual browsers that I’m tempted to continue using it as long as it works (particularly as it’s now on our publicity).

    When talking to non-techies, you should see the look of confusion and uncertainty if you try to get them to write down an address which doesn’t have that “www” at the start. It will no doubt change over time, but for the moment, I’d rather give them something which seems reassuring and familiar.



    I know, you’re absolutely right. So many people even think it won’t WORK without the www, but in fact something like a third of the world can’t read addresses prefaced with www.

    Last year, I worked with a website that somehow attached the site to the www version, but NOT the non-www version of the URL. Was that ever a nightmare! At least it works both ways in WordPress.

    It has all the time I’ve been here, too. Three and a half years.

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