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( what does this actually represent?

  1. Hello,

    Quick question: What does the big (WordPress sites in the world) number (currently 76,341,659) actually represent? Is it just sites or all WordPress sites - including installations?


  2. Just WordPress.COM sites -

    However software I think powers about 20% of the new web sites in the world

  3. As far as I understood, that's ALL the WordPress installations in the world, WordPress and sites together.

  4. installations=sites

    /needs more coffee

  5. Interesting...ask a simple question and get totally different answers!

    Anybody out there know the real basis for the number???

  6. the stats page itself give you the answer it says THIS NUMBER "WordPress Sites in the World" There is no differentiation between and WordPress.

    FWIW-there used to be an additional statement on that page that "We host about half". "We" being

  7. Most of the time we match closer - but wait a bit and we will let the staff settle the difference on what is counted -

  8. Like justjennifer said, it's and combined.

  9. Any number available just for

  10. Nearly 50,000,000 sites/blogs.

  11. @kardotim-can I quote you on that? :)

  12. Thanks for the update

  13. Sure :)

    Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

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