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    Just a quick question about my dashboard here. normally I go to my dashboard at noreligionblog, via http. I noticed I somehow got on through https. Does it make any difference how I access it?

    The blog I need help with is



    A quick search of the FAQ displayed this result. » HTTPS

    I hope this brings understanding to your question. = )


    More or less it does yet I didn’t change any settings. Although your answer makes me feel guilty for not searching. Now I will go hang my head in shame :(



    Oh don’t feel bad your still considered new here.

    You don’t have to change any settings to visit your site via http or https it’s just the https is more secure thats all. = )
    all the setting does is force your browser to input https when your signed in and visit your dashboard and blog.


    i have found what might be a technical problem. Using https I was unable to upload a picture to my gallery. It just didnt go. When I switched to http, the upload took maybe 1/4 second.



    Give your cache and cookies a clear and then give it another go; if you are still experiencing a problem I suggest contacting us at Support and we’ll be happy to help you out.



    Just in case this is new to you, the “how to” entry for force refreshing your browser and clearing your cache and cookies is found here

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