is deleted – I didn't delete it

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    My wordpress site is deleted is deleted – I didn’t delete it

    #1498898 is deleted – I didn’t delete it



    Who has access to your login information?

    I’ll tag this thread for Staff as they can consult their records.

    If another person has deleted your blog then you have provided them with the ability to do so either deliberately by adding them as official users, or by allowing them access to your login information, or by posting content that makes it easy for them to guess what your log-in information is.

    Go to your email program and change the password to a very difficult one because that’s how many hackers gain access to blogs.

    Change your blog password to a very difficult one >

    Then read this please knowing that blogs don’t get hacked when security protocols are followed. >

    P.S. As I said above I flagged this for Staff follow-up. Do note that there is very little visible Staff presence on the support forums on the weekends. They work forward through threads with the earliest datestamps and timestamps to those with the most recent ones. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.



    That blog has been deleted 5 years ago. Deleted blogs cannot be restored or reused. Deleting a blog is permanent and the name cannot be used again.

    You can start a new blog by logging in to and then going to

    With any blog, you can also use your custom domain with Domain Mapping upgrade.

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