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Huge amounts of extremely vital content lost

  1. twinriversstateforest98

    My online WordPress blog has been hacked by a class mate at the school i am a student in. He deleted every single article before posting four humiliating and disgusting hardcore pornographic articles. I have deletd all the articles. He completely destroyed my blog. He changed, altered, distorted and ruined everything. I have recovered my blog and set everything back to normal but i still do not have all those articles that i published onto it because the hacker deleted all of them. I request help, assistance and support in recovering all my lost articles that the hacker deleted. I would really like to know if it is at all possible for me to recover all the articles that the hacker deleted so that i can then re-publish them onto my blog. I am extremely desperate for help, assistance and support with this problem. I will welcome, be grateful for and appreciate any help, assistance and support that is provided with recovering all my lost articles so that i can re-publish them onto my blog.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I suggest that if you have hard evidence you contact the police. Computer hacking is a crime.

  3. @orangepark66199

    I would really like to know if it is at all possible for me to recover all the articles that the hacker deleted so that i can then re-publish them onto my blog. has an autosave feature that operates every 2 minutes after we click "save" on any draft. There up to 25 revisions saved for each post or page. We can use these post and page revisions t to recover blog post and page content and restore it to the state they were in at an earlier time, but in this case as the posts and pages are deleted those are no longer available.
    autosave >
    page revisions >
    post revisions >

    If and only if the blog content has been indexed by Google you can locate them in Goggle's cache. ten you can copy and paste the contents into new posts and/or pages. However, if you are referring to the blog linked to your username then it does not appear that the contents had been indexed prior to the blog being deleted. So in this case there is no way to recover the content.
    search string >
    no search results > Your search - - did not match any documents.

    I'm sorry but it appears you will be starting all over again.

  4. @orangepark66199: The blog linked to your username has been deleted. Are you talking about a different blog? If so, we need its URL.

  5. twinriversstateforest98

    timethief and panaghiotisadam: I am not talking about the blog that is linked to my username. The blog i want to re-publish lost content onto is a different one. The URL to this blog is below...

  6. twinriversstateforest98

    So now that i have provided you guys with the blog's URL, will you be able to provide me with more ideas, suggestions, help, assistance and support?

  7. Quite a bit of your content is cached in Google - worst case is copy and paste from the cache:

    ( site: )

    You could also ask the staff if it is possible to set your site back to a pre-stuff deleted date:

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