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    I don’t know where it came from, but I just recently started to get absolutely huge amounts of spam comments only on my site’s contact page. It all happened right after I registered my domain name.

    I don’t know if the domain name has anything to do with it or if anyone is also experiencing this problem, but it’s really annoying. And all of the spam is for really weird porn, which I’ve never gotten before.

    The blog I need help with is



    In my experience it’s probably because you got a comment from a spam “front-runner” that looked okay and you left it and now all the spam is automatic. Check through the comments you’ve left and see if one has the same kind of email as the spam comments, especially one ending in .ru. Delete it and you should probably not get the same problem continuing.




    Awesome! I LOVE comment modding!

    Anyway, I will do this. But I mean, all of the spam gets blocked and none of it makes it through. Should Akismet learn to block it based on the 200 I’ve already deleted?



    If you’ve marked them as spam rather than just deleting them, it will learn.




    It looks to me like Akismet is catching these spams for you (and putting them in your spam folder). If that’s the case you can just click the Delete All Spam button.

    If that’s not the case — if the comments are getting published and not moved to your spam folder – please contact support.



    I just got 47 spam comments all in 2min.??? Most days I have 0 comments?lol

    I had not approved any suspect comment prior to this?

    They are all incoherent as well i.e. ( CjSHW2 ahgwpuftxisu, [url=]gixtcqwlrcwv[/url], [link=]ibhwdfoszegg[/link],, ZsOMxp xwqdehomgexs, [url=]tnqdmsjsgmie[/url], [link=]qhdcycpmlqyk[/link],, etc…………) 47X ??

    This also started when I registered my domain name?

    Does anyone have another explanation?




    Did your domain exist as a parked domain before you bought and registered it? If so then spam bots were likely targeting that domain and now you have inherited all of that. I had to delete a couple of my pages that were recieving all of the spam and republish them with a different name just to get things cleared up.



    I am not sure what a “parked domain” is , sorry.

    When I just got 47 comments in 2min. They were all on different pages? Tuff hit I guess?

    Is that what the crazy text and crazy email’s are? Bots?



    By “Parked Domain” I mean;

    Did someone else own it before you and just leave it up as a generic search engine riddled with ads to turn a profit off of a cheap investment?

    Or did you create and register your domain yourself?

    Anyway, just keep deleting the spam and hopefully Akismet with catch up. Good luck :D



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    I religiously delete spam every day, which had been one or two a week. This sudden onslaught is suspicious, but I am a public official and may be targeted. Guess it coes with the territory. I just want to know if there is a way to stop them completely and quickly. My blog is LMK, A.


    If Akismet is catching them, there is no problem. Just delete them. If some slip through, mark them as spam so Akismet can learn.


    I reckon Akismet is superb, not one spam has got through mine so far, thats the kiss of death isn’t it !!



    My only concern is that there are occasions that a message is read as spam that isn’t, and that I may miss it when I erase 250 messages at once.

    I demand perfection!

    Ah well, such is life.


    I demand perfection!

    You are in the wrong universe.


    Yo, any word when this google gears problem will be fixed?



    No, the word of politics is decidedly wrong. WordPress rocks.

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