huge appearance problems in Internet Explorer 8

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    I always use Firefox but wanted to see how my blog appears in IE 8 and it looked terrible..
    At first I got this security warning about page content and if I pressed yes no photos were displayed. I am totally new in blogging, my english is not perfect and I know nothing about web’s technical matters.
    You will find 4 print screens in my library showing most of problems.
    Some of those are:
    1. Ads that show EVERYDAY for at least the last 10 days and on the same time in Firefox I can’t see any. Also I read that ads are used sparingly…
    2. There are ugly white boxes in the backround of likes and gravatars and behind comments
    3. The screen has a vertical scroll too…
    4. The Duotone theme I am using gives you the option to navigate to older or newer posts when clicking on the left or the right side of the photo. This option DOESN’T WORK in IE.
    5. A second page I nested under Illustrations #1 dosn’t show up…

    I saw all these problems as a viewer and I was not logged in because I wanted to see what others might see… I also cleared cache and cookies

    Please give me an answer! I posted this in the greek and english forums and nobody replied…

    Thank you in advance

    The blog I need help with is



    IE 8 is very out of date, so we can’t guarantee that everything will work properly on it, especially the mosaic gallery style (set via Settings -> Media in your blog’s Dashboard.

    Are you able to upgrade to IE 10, or at the very least IE 9?


    I used IE8 and I don’t have any issues at all. The display is normal.

    1. The ads I see are below posts You can eliminate them by purchasing a No-Ads upgrade

    2. “2. There are ugly white boxes in the backround of likes and gravatars and behind comments”
    I see that as well. The Duotone theme background color automatically changes but not on those areas.

    3. I don’t have a vertical scroll bar appearing. These are my screen resolution details from
    Screen Resolution 1024 x 768

    What is your screen resolution please?

    4. ” the option to navigate to older or newer posts when clicking on the left or the right side of the photo”
    The links do work for me using IE8.

    5. “A second page I nested under Illustrations #1 dosn’t show up…”
    I cannot locate a parent page tab for “Illustrations”. Howewer, this is what I found. Look closely ate the URL please



    Thanks for clarifying, timethief!

    pellymade, considering what timethief posted above, you might want to try clearing your browser’s cache and disabled any active browser add-ons/extensions.


    You’re welcome. : )

    re: clearing your browser’s cache



    Thanks for answering but the problems are still unresolved.

    1. About these ads: WP says they are used “SPARINGLY” not over 16 days now… And I repeat that at the SAME time in Firefox I cannot see any (I am not logged in)
    2. White boxes: how can you say “not in that areas”? In Firefox backround color is everywhere AND in that areas! Please look at screen shot: .
    This is a disaster… Nothing works, not even the arrows for new and older posts. The “enter your comment” box is on top of the comments. It “migrates” to a different “location” on each post…
    3. The appearence of the galleries is terrible. See:
    You can also see
    A) the problem with the white boxes, both behind likes & comments
    B) the horizontal scroll (my screen resolution is 1024X768).
    As concerning the horizontal scroll, it dosn’t appear on every post. I’ ve noticed that it appears more often when a photo’s format is landscape
    4. As far as the nesting page under “illustrations #1” see screen shot:
    Looking closely, I noticed that there is a dashed rectangle, UNDER the top right corner (where the button ought to be). But in the “archives” page (which is white colored) I see nothing. If I pressed blindly in that area, it will take me to “illustrations # 2” but I cannot see the button.
    5. Any suggestions about why the option to navigate dosn’t work for me?
    6. Of course, as I already wrote, I have cleared cache and cookies from the very beginning.

    I am sorry I didn’t answer earlier, I just found out about your response.
    Hoping for a solution…
    Thank you



    1. To support the service (and keep free features free), we sometimes run advertisements. We try hard to only run them in limited places. If you would like to completely eliminate ads from appearing on your blog, we offer the No-Ads Upgrade:

    2, 3, and 4. I’ll see what we can do about that, but I have to admit that it won’t be too high of a priority since the issue is only affecting IE 8, which is two versions behind the current. Personally, I always recommend Firefox to anyone stuck on Windows XP, as it provides more support for web standards and modern web technology (and less security issues) than IE 8. If you aren’t stuck on Windows XP, you should definitely upgrade to at least IE 9 for the same reasons.

    thistimethisspace, I unfortunately lack the ability to test in IE 8, so your help has been greatly appreciated!



    Thanks for your reply.
    I am sorry, please excuse my english, it’s not my mother language, I will try to rephrase:
    My “ads” problem is not about their place, but
    A) the frequency of their appearance – in IE, I haven’t seen my blog without them since the very beginning of my blogging experience (45 days ago)!!
    B) the FACT that SIMULTANEOUSLY and without me been logged in in Firefox there are no ads.
    Those are the 2 things I need you to clarify.

    I know about the upgrade option (…and not only about ads) but I will not consider any upgrades since my blog’s appearance is to say the least “not stable” in both browsers.
    You can understand that I cannot control which browser others (not WP bloggers) use when they visit my blog.
    I personally use Firefox and have IE as a backup.
    Nevertheless, as you say, I am stuck on Windows Xp, so I will try your suggestion and upgrade to IE9…
    Thank you for your time



    I just found out that XP users cannot upgrade to IE 9 or 10.



    As mentioned, we run ads to keep your blog free. They pay for the service costs, like bandwidth, hardware, personel, etc. Ads are displayed more frequently to logged out users than to logged in users. At this time, they are not displayed to logged in blog owners.



    I am still running windows XP because I haven’t had the time to set up my new computer. Windows XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft after April. However, I rarely use Internet Explorer. I switched to using Firefox years ago and you can do that too here >



    I am sorry but it feels like I am speaking in a different language :(



    Why do you say that?

    If you are logged into then you will not see ads on your blog. If you are not logged in you will see them. That’s the same for all of us who don’t buy the No-Ads upgrade.

    If you don’t want any ads on the blog then you have to purchase a No-Ads upgrade to remove them.

    As I said to you I am on Windows XP too and I do not use Internet Explorer. I use Firefox which is a far better browser than Internet Explorer is.



    I have clearly wrote in ALL my previous posts that:
    when I am NOT LOGGED IN I see ads in IE
    I am NOT LOGGED IN in Firefox and I DON”T SEE them…

    I also wrote twice that I personally DON”T USE IE, I have it as a backup but wanted to see what visitors who use it would see. I cannot control which browser other people have, nor their operating system… That’s the problem
    You keep repeating answers to questions I have already answered.

    Please, if you want take a look at my previous posts, every problem I have is written down with screen shots and everything.
    Thank you



    I can assure you that they type of browser you’re using has absolutely no effect on the type or amount of ads displayed.

    Perhaps you’re using an ad blocker in Firefox.

    If is from the same instance as you were not logged in when you viewed the blog in IE, as you would not have seen the Follow tab at the bottom-right of the screen.



    I am not using an ad blocker
    Both screen shots are from IE. “Snagit”‘s scroll button (the program I used for the screen shots) didn’t work till the end of the page, that’s why you don’t see the follow button. You don’t see other stuff too, like recent posts, and all the comments.
    I didn’t make screen shots of Firefox because I don’t have a problem with it.



    I do see the problems, and said I have made note of them, but as IE 8 is very out of date, I’m not sure if we can fix them.

    We were discussing the ads just a minute ago, which is what I was replying to. You see the ads in IE in the screenshot because you weren’t logged in to when you took the screenshot.



    I just said that “I didn’t make screen shots of Firefox because I don’t have a problem with it”.
    I just made 2 new screens 1 using Firefox
    the 2nd using IE
    I hope that clarifies the situation.
    Nevertheless, you’ll have to admit that the term “sparingly” is totally misleading…
    Thank you



    Ads are only visible on the single post page. is not viewing a single post page. is viewing a single post page.

    We run the ads to keep your blog free, and we only run them once under each single post, not in the header, sidebar, and footer, like most other services.



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